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What is CTI?

The Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) is a leading industry organization dedicated to advancing the field of cooling technology, particularly in the context of Cooling Towers. Founded in 1950, CTI serves as a global authority on cooling technology and provides valuable resources, research, and industry standards to professionals in the field.

Key aspects of CTI’s mission and activities include, Research and Development, Standardization, Education and Training, Information Dissemination, Networking and Collaboration, Environmental Stewardship, Annual Conference, Regional Chapters.

Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) sets industry standards for cooling towers, and compliance with these standards ensures that cooling towers are designed, constructed, and operated efficiently and safely. Testing and certification are integral components to assess the performance and safety of cooling towers. This document outlines the testing and certification process as per CTI standards.

Benefits of Certifications.

CTI Certification acts as a third-party validation for the performance of Cooling Towers.

What are non-CTI towers?

100% [in Ideal Conditions]

How to verify?

Need to re Design [use of Software]

What are CTI towers?

100% [in Practical Conditions]

How to verify?

CTI certified directory.

ACTPL, first Indian company to get CTI Certification.

ACTPL (Advance Cooling Towers Pvt. Ltd.), a pioneering force in the field of cooling tower solutions in India, has achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first cooling tower company in the country to receive CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) Certification. This achievement underscores ACTPL's unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and adherence to globally recognized industry standards.

Setting New Benchmarks : A Trailblazing Journey

ACTPL's journey to becoming the first CTI Certified cooling tower company in India is marked by its relentless pursuit of excellence. The certification process involved rigorous testing and evaluation of the company's cooling towers, ensuring they met the stringent CTI standards in areas such as thermal performance, sound levels, airflow efficiency, water distribution, and drift eliminator efficiency. Process started in 2004 by investing heavily in R&D activities which ultimately resulted in getting certification successfully in 2007.

Following are some of the glimpses of R& D done:

A Commitment to Quality:

ACTPL's achievement of CTI Certification reflects its commitment to delivering cutting-edge, reliable, and sustainable cooling solutions to a diverse range of industries. The certification assures customers that ACTPL's cooling towers adhere to international best practices, providing unmatched efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Advancing Industry Standards :A Testament to Expertise

ACTPL's success in obtaining CTI Certification not only reinforces its position as an industry leader but also contributes to the advancement of cooling technology standards in India. By demonstrating the viability of CTI standards in the local context, ACTPL paves the way for other cooling tower manufacturers and operators to follow suit, raising the bar for quality and performance in the industry.

ACTPL’s achievement is a reflection of its team’s collective expertise, technological innovation, and its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. With CTI Certification, the company has set itself apart as a trusted provider of cooling tower solutions, setting a high standard that others in the industry will aspire to reach.

A Vision for the Future:

ACTPL’s CTI Certification is not just a milestone but a stepping stone towards a future where cooling technology in India is more efficient, sustainable, and aligned with global best practices. The company’s vision is clear – to continue innovating and providing state-of-the-art cooling tower solutions that benefit its customers and contribute to a more environmentally responsible industrial landscape.

In achieving CTI Certification, ACTPL exemplifies the spirit of progress and excellence that drives India’s cooling tower industry forward. This milestone is a source of pride for the company and a beacon of inspiration for the entire sector, underlining the endless possibilities that can be achieved through dedication, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to quality.”

Till date, ACTPL is the only CT manufacturer from India having largest single cell capacity in Certified Range.


It was a proud moment for ACTPL when CTI certification of Cooling Towers with EC fans is received. This unmatched feat was achieved in 2021, after rigorous testing for year and half.

Members and Certified Manufacturers.

One thing worth noting is that, CTI has an option of becoming members to get an access to their knowledge base and to interact with the people there. Furthermore, Cooling Tower manufacturers do have to get their lines certified by STD201 and sustain them by giving tests annually.

For any of the queries and to know more about Cooling Towers in general or CTI in particular, please contact your nearest ACTPL representative, else simply mail us at:

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